Helping individuals overcome speech and communication challenges

Our center uses the Proloquo2Go Tablets to help communicate with our consumers who have difficulty communicating using speech. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) pertains to devices, tools, strategies, and systems that support individuals with speech/communication difficulties.

AAC involves Augmentative Communication from the word Augment, which refers to supplementing something. In this case, augmentative communication adds something to speech (sign language, pictures, or letter boards) to promote better communication and make the message clearer to the recipient.

AAC also includes Alternative Communication, which is an approach that benefits those who cannot speak. It is also ideal for individuals whose speech delivery is not easily understood by others or those needing an alternative way to speak.

AAC is a collective term for strategies and devices that help individuals communicate better, especially when they struggle or lose their speaking ability. When speech becomes a challenging way to communicate, AAC will help you find better alternatives.

The Benefits of AAC

People who cannot rely on speech benefit significantly from using AAC.

People who use AAC describe the following benefits:

  • Richer and more frequent social interactions
  • Increased independence, autonomy, and power to decide for oneself
  • Deeper understanding and awareness of social roles
  • More frequent and richer relationship-building
  • Greater involvement in the family and community
  • More open to sharing information with physicians
  • More employment opportunities
  • Improved well-being (physical and mental state)
  • Heightened personal safety in a variety of care settings

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