Enriching Individuals through Community Integration 1 Care Enrichment Centers

Our organization facilitates community enrichment programs to help participants become contributing community members. By immersing in our support programs, we strive to have individuals learn life skills, uphold self-advocacy, secure employment, access resources, and live an ideal community life. We accept applicants receiving Medicaid Waiver LSD3 (1:10), LSD3 (1:5), and LSD3 (1:3) funding. Those who aren’t Medicaid Waiver benefactors may choose private pay. Consider subscribing to our programs today, and let us witness your success story.

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Mission Statement

The mission of 1 Care Enrichment Centers is to offer individuals and their families innovative, quality services and support that lead to growth and independence—regardless of the physical, intellectual, or behavioral challenges they face.

Vision Statement

The vision of 1 Care Enrichment Centers is to help individuals with disabilities thrive in society and succeed in life. We aspire to open the eyes of countless people and have them realize that persons with IDDs can create significant differences in the community when given ample support and opportunities.