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Community involvement is an integral aspect of daily living, and our community enrichment programs aim to encourage individuals to participate actively in community routines. Our programs involve exploring possible careers, volunteering, advocating for oneself, and accessing community resources.

We integrate a setting that’s age and culturally appropriate to our participants. By exposing yourself or a loved one to our programs, we aim to impact your life significantly.

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How We Meet Your Needs Services We Offer

We can enrich your life in many ways as we help you value your role in the community.

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Adult Day Training

Immerse yourself in doing valued community routines.

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Secure a ride while attending our enrichment programs.

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Personal Supports

Receive dedicated support in performing daily activities.

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Meet a companion that encourages you to seek growth.

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We Are Commited Our Mission Statement

The mission of 1 Care Enrichment Centers is to offer individuals and their families innovative, quality services and support that lead to growth and independence—regardless of the physical, intellectual, or behavioral challenges they face.

You're Important to Us Let's Get Started

Allow our organization to be your stepping stone towards achieving a better community life.

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Send Your Referrals

Extend our organization’s reach to individuals who need skill-building opportunities.

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Set an Appointment

Discuss your specific needs and concerns with our accommodating staff in person.

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Join Our Team

Secure a rewarding job experience by lending us your skills, time, and dedication.

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Augmentative & Alternative Communication

Overcome speech impairments using our state-of-the-art communication devices.


Reach Out to Us Send Us a Message

At our organization, we will always lend a listening ear to all your concerns and inquiries. That is why we invite you to share a message below so we’ll know how to support you.